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How Can I Help You Today?

HOW MUCH MONEY Do You Want to Make in Real Estate This Year?   

  • STOP losing your hard earned money on the wrong marketing programs! I will give you the 5 step formula that brings you a flood of listings, practically runs itself, and costs you nothing!


  • STOP getting bogged down with admin work.
    Do what you do best, what makes you the most money, and what you love about real estate! 
     I will show you how to hire an assistant that will cost you nothing!


  • Eliminate technology confusion and get only the easiest and latest tools you need to meet and surpass your goals. 
  • I will outline each of the steps for you and hold you accountable to success!

All that and more…  

Sales Conversions 

  • Get a producing sales team that will out perform any other. I will teach your sales people my One Second Selling four step formula and turn them into sales crushing machines; No matter what product or service you are selling!
  • Find out to hire only the highest potential sales people from now on. Forget the 80/20 rule! I will show you my sales spirit method for identifying potential top producers and the new 100% rule.
  • Find out how to keep your team producing day in and day out. Use my One Second Motivation techniques that have made billions in sales.   

All that and more…

Make Your Business  

  • Scale your business with a growth Sherpa! I will show the path to maximizing your profits no matter what business you are in.
  • Get your business off the ground like a rocket instead of a bouncing ball!
  • Get your business out of trouble. I will show you how to stop struggling to make money or get cash flow and handle debt.

After starting or buying more than 100 businesses and helping more than 1000  business owners and entrepreneurs, I can see any business from a different perspective. I can help you start, grow, or save your business.    


All that and more…


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